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soo.. has anyone been to any kool strokes concerts? if so, details! me and shelby (she just joined this community too) and two of our other friends went to one in detriot. front row!!
Niko waved to us with this cute shy smile on his face, after we shouted " we love you nikolai!" so cute!!
matt ramono waved when we shouted for him when he was taping down the set lists, before the show. he looked so surprised we knew who he was lol.
I touched julian! when he came into the audience.
we tried to take pictures but they didnt turn out because we were right infront of the security guard guys so we couldnt use flash...

me and shelby in line in detroit for the concert, shelby's on my back...sorry if its blurry

pat infront of the state theatre..

ill get shelby to post the picture we have of niko, its really dark tho
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