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strokes_w00t's Journal

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This is a community for people who love the strokes. It is for everyone, not just people who think they are cool enough to like the strokes. So come, join, and have fun:)

Brought to you by:
sexygraffiti313 and cozmic_oceanz

1. Have fun. Don't be afraid to have fun. No one's going to hurt you. This is only livejournal.

2. Be nice. Don't call someone a stupid teeny bopper just because they are 15. Their age doesn't make them a teeny bopper, being a total loser does.

3. Everyone who loves the strokes is welcome here. If you don't, then go away. I'll pop a cap in you. I will.

4. Try to not post things that don't concern the strokes. We don't care if you cat just lost a toe. Unless Jules bit it off. Then Roxy might care.

5. If you want some place to make fun of all the new 'garage' rock bands and say how lame everyone that listens to them are, go to thestrokes community. No, I'm kidding. Just go away, cause no one cares about you or thinks your hair is cool.

6. Try to keep the obscenity down. Ha, like that's going to happen.

Have fun and stay in school.

Marissa(sexygraffiti313) and Roxy(cozmic_oceanz)